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Casey Taupe Double Strap Sandals

Casey Taupe Double Strap Sandals

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Step out in style with our Casey Taupe Double Strap Sandals! Featuring blanket stitching and an adjustable metallic buckle, these slip-on sandals offer both comfort and convenience. Pair them with any outfit for a trendy and versatile look.

Product Details:

•Fits True To Size 

•Slip On Style 

•Adjustable Metallic Buckle


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Customer Reviews

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I highly suggest not buying from Upthevine Boutique she is greedy and only sees her customers as money signs; she says otherwise but her actions speak volumes! She will do "giveaways" with unrealistic goals purposely that way she doesn't have to do the giveaway and guilt trip you saying "I hope people aren't just buying for the giveaway" how hypocritical of her when she is literally using the "giveaway" as she begs for more orders. It shouldn't matter the reason anyone is ordering because no matter what they are supporting her buisness. She gives little gifts with orders; well this night imparticular she was giving a freebie with orders $50 and over. I spent $76.64 in total from 2 separate orders yet after I ordered she told me "No!" to the freebie because I would be entered into this so called "giveaway" twice which never happened. She tries to come up with any excuse to not give a freebie she will even say to her continuous customers "Don't you already have all the freebies!?" like come on these are probably like a $2-$3 freebie mine as well just not give one at all if it's hurting you so badly! Also she recently did a draw giveaway previously with supposivly like 4 giftcards in the tray. I did not purchase this night but I felt bad for the people who did because not one person won a giftcard. At this point I had already cought on to her ways and I had a feeling no one would win one. I guarantee she had them at the very bottom because she had them stacked and when she should be shuffling the papers instead she would literally put her hand over the tray just rocking it side to side. Also buyer *BEWARE* becareful what you buy because alot of her items you can find elsewhere for alot cheaper for example the $65 & $70 Star lounge sets by the brand Blue B. Also the $98 star sneakers; my friend purchased they started to fall apart after 1 wear. She is snotty and conniving all around. Instead of trying to pull a fast one scamming her customers she needs to start appreciating her customers!

Skyler Grizzell
Absolutely LOVE

The best summer sandals! Fit very true to size. Extremely soft and comfortable. Great for a summer look!


Love so comfy great price range too!!